Scapic’s Response to Covid-19

Helping you sail through difficult times.

We’re committed to help your business continue to grow by doing whatever we can in our capacity. While our capacity to support you is most if you are a Retail or E-commerce company, we can definitely support in fewer ways if your business is from a different sector too.
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For a limited time, Scapic is providing an entire Product Experience Management (PXM) suite completely free for small businesses, retailers and online stores to help keep the lights on till we all tide this, together.

Scapic’s offerings can help you in multiple ways

Retail & E-Commerce

Other Industries

Shot Maker

Using AI, you can generate stunning product images without the need of a physical studio or any props!

With a variety of indoor & outdoor scenes for your product, you can generate unlimited ready-to-use high quality images on the fly.

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3D Viewer

Use the 3D viewer to showcase your product in all dimensions, with real life scale.

The viewer is animation & hotspot enabled as well, giving you more ways to show information to the user.

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AR Viewer

Our AR Viewer can help your buyers see the product in their own space, from the comfort of their homes.

The models are to-scale, with our bringing additional features like hotspots and animations.

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3D Product Customiser

The customiser can help your buyer customise a product to their needs before buying it.

It also has built in AR functionality so that the customer can view their bespoek product in their own space.

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Virtual Shopping

Bring your customer into your store digitally with Virtual Shopping experiences.

From your existing store to a whole new one, you can use any space to add to the customer's digital shopping experience.

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AR/Virtual Try-ons

With our virtual try-ons, your customers can see how jewellery, sunglasses or other products look on them and proceed with the purchase without having to visit the store!

Some of these try-ons can even go onto social media platforms such as Instagram/Facebook.

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Keeping the wheels on the shopping cart.

These are tough times if you are a retailer, store or offline brand. the retail community is one of the sectors being hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic. As retailers try to figure out how to navigate these uncertain times, we’re here to help, in our little way.

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Useful information for your business from around the world

Here are a few articles that will help you with tips on handling this global pandemic.

If you are an E-commerce store, read this article by Shopify for tips to weather the storm

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General COVID-19 information
For the most up to date information and guidance on the COVID-19 outbreak, visit the WHO site
For up to date statistics and data, visit the Our World in Data website.
Visualise the spread of the pandemic - here
India Specific Info
Learn more about the pandemic with this crowdsourced guide
Help model the outbreak with other volunteers - here
Track the spread of the pandemic across India - here
Learn how to donate to the PM’s Relief Fund - here
Global Info
Track the spread of the pandemic with heatmaps - here
Get more information about the pandemic & preventive measures - here
Donate to the COVID-19 Response Fund - here

Scapic is free for the next few months

If your store is impacted due to coronavirus, we're here to help.

We understand these are tough times for retail & commerce. The spreading Coronavirus pandemic is drastically reducing consumers’ options with regards to purchasing necessary products.

As good as the real deal

We'll make your products 3D and Augmented Reality ready, at absolutely no cost. 3D helps your customers understand better, and boost buying confidence by upto 60%

Product Experience Suite

Photoshoots have come to a halt, but your business can't. Using 3D and AI, we'll render and generate incredible product visuals for you to help reach customers, just like before.

View in your space

With Augmented Reality, your customers can now view your products right from their living rooms = more sales for you

10+ Integrations

Scapic works great across your website, and every other commerce workflow you might have.

Cross platform

Works across iOS, Android. The best part? No app downloads needed.

Virtual Tours

We know your retail space is incredible. We're making our Virtual Tours feature free too, so that you can make a walkthrough of your store, for your customers to view.

Scapic FounderScapic Founder

Sai Krishna & Ajay PV

Founders, Scapic