Play a major role in shaping the next big technology.

Who are we & What do we do?

Scapic helps convert more customers with AR ready product visualizations, created all on the browser with no code.



Scapic's drag-and-drop editor makes it trivially simple to build immersive experiences from scratch within minutes. We call these experiences as Scapes



Scapic is entirely built on the cloud. You can simply preview and share your Scapes as a URL. You can view a Scape right from your web browser without downloading any app



Learn, suspend, tread, be. Be immersed in spheres of visuals. Move through content that surrounds you in the real world, or move through completely new virtual worlds


This means you can design an Immersive Experience in the same amount of time it takes to make a presentation in Powerpoint or pen a blog. People can now create experiences in hours – not days, weeks or months. We believe in the Open Internet, and envision a future where the web is an immersive one

What's it like at Scapic?

Scapic's culture is centered around: Thinking big, being passionate, accountable and taking ownership with the freedom to make a difference in a flat organization. You will work with a young yet very capable and ambitious peer groups, who will welcome you with open heart and will go extra mile to make you successful. We believe that learning is a lifelong commitment so we invest significantly in your development which in-turn result's in company's growth. We also provide a strong career path that can help you grow either in the same or different function.

Food for your soul – free delicious lunch & dinner all days of the work week, flexi work timings & Work From Home policies, Health Check-ups, Peppy Workplace, Lots of learning & Unlimited fun!

We welcome you to be a part of this exciting journey of building the immersive web.

Diversity at Scapic

Who we're looking for?

You're not an employee here you're way more than that. We look for people who have a lifelong commitment to learning and are passionate about being part of creating the future of technology. We like innovators, entrepreneurial thinkers, people who are capable of thinking outside the box, leading and making key decisions.

In order to see the real you, beyond just your CV, we are disrupting traditional processes. At Scapic, the focus is on you, rather than on a specific role, so if you’re looking for something that isn’t just a job or just a career but a chance to learn, create, build, grow and inspire, join us.

Who we are looking for?

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Scapic at Cowrks, Residency Road, Bangalore
Scapic at Cowrks, Residency Road, BangaloreScapic at Cowrks, Residency Road, BangaloreScapic at Cowrks, Residency Road, Bangalore

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Work with Us

Every team at Scapic is a close-knit group working together towards a common goal.
See where you fit in:

About the role

We work on cutting edge browser technologies at Scapic and are excited to work with anyone who shares our love for the web. Engineer for performance across browsers and build fast-rendering reusable and extendable components as you sweat the little things around user experience. As a Frontend Engineer, you will be pivotal in the product development cycle, ship new features and collaborate with others in key decisions around product and engineering needs. You should understand the importance of balancing technical debt with delivery and have a keen interest in creating polished user interfaces by working closely with designers, and producing high quality code with an emphasis on automated testing. With eyes focused on the future, you will help build the immersive web of tomorrow as you play a key role in shaping Scapic’s next game changer.

Requirements & Responsibilities:

  • Strong understanding of Basic JS concepts - Higher Level Concepts
  • Deep experience using React.js
  • Worked with ES5 and ES6 JS concepts
  • Worked on state management with React (Redux, Flux, or any others)
  • Understanding of basic DOM modification concepts such as querySelector, getElementById, classList etc
  • Worked with Deeply Nested Objects and familiarity with Mutability
  • Familiarity with different ways of handling asynchronous code (Promises, Fetch)
  • Worked with Events (Event Loops)
  • Worked with versioning - Git
  • Worked with yarn or npm for package management
  • Understanding of Unit and Integration Testing (Basics)
  • Comfort with functional programming and it’s concepts
  • Comfort with Advanced React patterns such as Higher Order Components, Render Props, Context APIs
  • Basic understanding of different types of storages such as local and session storage
  • Experience in setting up projects with webpack and the various loaders and plugins required
  • Familiarity with code splitting on Webpack

About the role

At Scapic we put our users first. The Product Manager will help bridge the technical and business arenas of Scapic. As Product Manager you will be responsible for guiding the product through the execution cycle, working with product areas to define the right structure to support our product and then work with lead matrix teams to generate profitable revenue streams. You will have a bias for action and can break down complex problems into steps that drive product development and growth with agility and speed. With eyes focused on the future, you will help build the immersive web of tomorrow as you play a key role in shaping Scapic’s next game changer.

Requirements & Responsibilities:

  • Have experience in working with cross functional teams (preferred if someone who has worked in a startup and scaled the product)
  • Have preferably managed a SaaS product before
  • Have experience with software development lifecycles and methodologies like Agile
  • Have overall understanding of product flows and their architecture
  • Have understanding of Web technologies and frameworks like HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Redux etc. on Frontend and Node.js, MongoDB, Cloud service providers like AWS etc. on Backend.
  • Have a good understanding of UI and UX
  • Take ownership of Product Documentation
  • Have understanding of user behavior and analysis of drop rates and provide efforts to reduce the same
  • Break down product vision into product releases, user stories and further into tasks
  • Handle Task management within team to ensure fair distribution of workload
  • Take ownership of product delivery from planning to release
  • Have understanding of broken flows in various user touch-points from product to website
  • Take ownership of CI / CD pipeline
  • Set processes for testing and ensure they are followed through
  • Do Competition Analysis and funnel back the features into Product Roadmap
  • Work with Sales team to provide SoW for client services and break it down to meaningful tasks and own sales deliveries from a technical standpoint

About the role

Businesses that partner with Scapic come in all shapes, sizes and market caps, and no one Scapic solution works for all. 3D artists should have an aptitude for art and creativity, be skilled in using different and emerging computer software, and be equally comfortable working independently as well as part of a larger team. Typically, employers will require a bachelor’s degree in art or computer graphics. This job requires brainstorming new ideas on a regular basis and strategizing ways to stand out from the competition

Requirements & Responsibilities:

  • Knowledge of modelling, lighting, texturing.
  • Worked with other 2D/design tools like Illustrator/Photoshop for creating textures.
  • Worked with texturing applications such as Substance Painter or Armour Paint.
  • Worked with any of these tools like ZBrush, Cinema 4D, Blender, Maya.
  • Worked on optimising models to smaller sizes based on application requirements - ideally with game engines or web based applications.
  • Ability to design, create and provide aesthetic value for everything from visual designs to 3D models that will be used in across multiple platforms.
  • Develop 3D designs for new products.
  • Review and enhance 3D designs for existing products.
  • Manage documentation of both new and revised 3D designs.
  • Understand the project requirements and develop high quality designs accordingly.
  • Develop design layouts for complex projects using Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools.
  • Develop primary sketches and models for final selection of product designs.
  • Review 3D designs and provide recommendations.
  • Select materials, engineering standards, and generic parts for 3D product designs.
  • Present designs to clients and internal teams clearly.
  • Participate in team meetings and brainstorming sessions.
  • Develop product information packages including drawing specification

Scapic embraces diversity and equal opportunity in a serious way. We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. We are proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and an affirmative action employer

diversity and equal opportunity
diversity and equal opportunity

If you don't see the role you are looking for, pitch it to us